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Welcome to the homepage of Florian Grupp!

On this page you can find out more about me and my interests.

Job & Education To find out more about my current job as well as information about my educational background please check my profile at XING (formerly Open BC). Please click the following button to access my profile at XING:
Zu meinem Profil bei XING
Interests I'm especially interested in Southeast Asia and I try to spend some time there at least once a year. You can find information about the locations Singapore, Myanmar and Malaysia under the topic Southeast Asia. In addition I'm interested in Railways (Railways in Myanmar/Burma, Railways in Southeast Asia, Railway history of Baden and Württemberg, private railways in Germany, narrow gauge railways) and architecture.
Books I'm also a part-time book author together with my father. In 2007 our second book "Simulink" appeared. You can find more details about the books under the topic Books.
Contact I'm looking forward to your comments. Contact me via e-mail at kontakt[at]florian-grupp.de. Members of XING can also contact me via XING.
Legal/ Impressum Please refer to the Impressum for all legal aspects of this page.

P.S.: The photos of the dia show above were made during my holidays in Southeast Asia. You can find more photos under the topic Photos.

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