My favourite links

I love to spend time at these web pages (I'm not responsible for any content of these pages as stated in the Impressum)

General/News best german news page
   Yahoo DeutschlandWeb-Mail, Search Engine and News
   Xing (OpenBC)Contact platform where you can also find my Profile
   Leo WörterbuchGerman - English online dictionnary

   Myanmar-ForumA german forum about Myanmar with latest news and travel hints
   Irrawaddy New MagazineHomepage with independent news from Myamar/Burma for politics and economics
   Homepage von Florian FischerBreathtaking photos and films about the persecution of the Karen-minority by the Burmese military

   Drehscheibe-onlineGerman railway forums covering nearly every railway topic
   Drehscheibe-online Historisches ForumA lot of historic photos and information about the German railways
   Drehscheibe-online AuslandsforumPhotos and information about non-german railways

   Oldenbourg-WissenschaftsverlagThe Oldenbourg-Wissenschaftsverlag has published my two books
   Matlab®Large softwaretool for mathematical calculations and visualizations

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