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Here you can find photos from my trips to Southeast Asia and other places. To view the photo album simply click on the photo on the left. You can also find my albums at Flickr.

photo album Auf Schienen vom Kapitalismus in den Sozialismus und zurück - 13.000km mit dem Zug von Pyongyang nach Singapore Asien Sep. - Dec. 2009 On railway tracks from capitalism to socialism and back - 13.000km by train from Pyongyang to Singapore: A trip by train through North Korea, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia und Singapore. The link maps to the best-of collection, check the links below for the different countries.
photo album Singapore 2009 Singapore Dec. 2009 Two days at the final stop in Singapore to visit the latest attractions on Sentosa Island and the Southern Ridges.
photo album Malaysia 2009 Malaysia Dec. 2009 Four days in Malaysia on the trip from Thailand nach Singapore. While the sun was shining in Penang, it was raining in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur.
photo album Thailand 2009 Thailand Dec. 2009 Four days in Thailand on the trip from Cambodia to Malaysia. While waiting for the train ticket to Malaysia I spent my time in Chinatown in Bangkok.
photo album Cambodia 2009 Cambodia Dec. 2009 Four days in Cambodia, two days in the capital Phnom Penh and two days in Battambang.
photo album Myanmar 2009 Myanmar Nov./Dec. 2009 Main focus was a week of steam at the Namtu Mines Railways. But there was also some time left for Yangon, Thazi and Inle-Lake.
photo album Vietnam 2009 Vietnam Nov. 2009 Visits to Hanoi, Halong-Bay, Saigon, Da Lat and Mekong-Delta.
photo album China 2009 China Oct./Nov. 2009 Within six weeks I visited Beijing, Cangyan Shan Si, Datong including Yugang-Grottoes and Xuankong Si, Xi'an with the famous Terracotta Warriors, Suzhou and Tongli, Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), Guilin and Yangshuo and finally Lijiang with tiger leaping gorge.
photo album North Korea 2009 North Korea Oct. 2009 Maybe the craziest experience I ever hadin my whole life. A breathtaking show with 180.000 participants and socialistic propaganda in and around the capital Pyongyang including a trip to the border to South Korea.
photo album Engadin 2009 Switzerland Sep. 2009 One week of family holiday with beautiful weather and a lot of hikes including Albula, Bergell and Bernina.
Photo album holiday Myanmar 2009 Myanmar Jan./Feb. 2009 A third time to Myanmar. This time I focused on areas which are only accessible with a special government permit. I did a lot of travelling with the train, took a three day long boat trip on the Ayeyarwady and visited the silver mine in Namtu.
Photo album holiday Malaysia 2008 Malaysia (Mt. Kinabalu) Jan 2008 The first peak I climbed with more than 4,000 metres in height. It took me one and a half day to climb more than 1,500 metres in height to reach the top at 4,095 metres above sea level and to walk back. Unfortunately there was a lot of rain during the climb. After the climb I relaxed a few days at the nearby Hot Springs of Poring.
Photo album holiday Malaysia 2008 Malaysia (Gunung Mulu) Jan 2008 A five day jungle camp in the Gunung Mulu National Park close to the border of Brunei on the island of Borneo. Along with lots of jungle I experienced large caves, bizarre stone formations, millions of bats and a lot of rain. All in all a fantastic nature experience.
Photo album holiday Malaysia 2008 Malaysia (Pulau Tiga) Jan 2008 After nearly four weeks in Myanmar I relaxed and celebrated New Year on a tiny tropical island. Pulau Tiga, also called Survivor Island due to the fact that the TV show "Survivor" was shot here, lies on the west coast of Borneo. Along with beautiful beaches it also offers a lot of nature and jungle.
Photo album Holidays in Myanmar 2007 Myanmar (Burma) Dec 2007 A second visit to Myanmar, this time I visited the southern part. Highlights were the Golden Rock, Hpa-An as well as the colonial charme of Mawlamyaing and Dawei. Meeting the ever friendly and helpful people in Myanmar after the violent crackdown of peaceful protests in September left me back very thoughtful.
Photo album Holidays in Singapore 2007 Singapore Dec 2007 A stopover of several days in my "second" home Singapore before I continued to travel to Myanmar and Malaysia for six weeks (see photo albums above). Along with a visit to downtown and Chinatown I also managed to go to the Botanical Garden.
Photo album Berlin 2007 Berlin May 2007 Again several days in Berlin. I had fantastic summer weather and visited several museums and parks. Culinary highlights were provided by Ivy and Kuohsiang as they supplied me with authentic self-cooked chinese food.
Photo album Dresden 2007 Dresden Apr 2007 A one day trip to Dresden during the Easter holidays with visits to the reconstructed Frauenkirche, Palace, Zwinger and the Traffic Museum. The weather was very bad, nevertheless the reconstructed Frauenkirche was worth the visit.
Photo album Holidays in Myanmar 2007 Myanmar (Burma) Feb 2007 Golden pagodas and temples, magnificent sunrises and sunsets, cities and villages where it seems that time is standing still for decades along with the ever friendly and helpful people. Definitely the absolute highlight of my trips to Southeast Asia so far.
Photo album Holidays in Thailand 2005 Thailand Dec 2005 A two week round trip to the central and northern part of Thailand. The vibrant city of Bangkok, old temple ruins at Sukothai, temples at Chiang Mai, jungle around the Golden Triangle and beautiful beaches on Ko Samet.
Photo album Holidays in Cambodia 2005 Cambodia Dec. 2005 A trip from Bangok to Siem Reap and Angkor, the former capital of the Khmer-culture in Cambodia. Countless temples in all states of decay, sometimes hidden in the vast jungle around Angkor.
Photo album Berlin 2005 Berlin/Potsdam Oct 2005 A long weekend in Berlin to visit my singaporean friend Kuohsiang. Berlin has changed rapidly since my last visit in 1996. The late autumn weather with lots of sun gave me the chance to a great visit in Potsdam.
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